Cuarteto Argos

The Argos Flute Quartet was founded in 2016 and formed by musicians from Spain and Italy who, at the time, were studying flute with Professor Stefano Parrino at the Arcangelo Corelli Conservatory in Messina. Since then, they have played in concerts around Italy and Spain offering a wide repertoire of different styles. As solo players, the members of the Argos Flute Quartet have won several awards in international competitions such as Plácido Mandanici Competition in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Sicily), B. Albanese Competition in Caccamo (Sicily) and the Arte Nuova Association Competition in Palermo. They have also taken part in orchestras as Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra from Milan, City of Elche Orchestra (Spain), etc.

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