We never imagined that we were going to live a pandemic when we were congratulating ourselves on the new year. But if everything went according to plan! How have we entered this chaotic situation? Situation that has caught us more defenseless than ever. We still don't understand it.
At the beginning of the year you usually wish a prosperous new year accompanied by good luck, happiness, that work is not lacking and, above all, that bowling is not lacking, those that give us life. But for this time there was a protagonist that we forget many times and is usually hidden until a reality hit reminds you, and it is "health".
On a personal level, we have been fortunate to not face any case of Covid-19 within our family environment.
At a professional level as a group, we have experienced a fabulous social and musical approach, which has helped us to face those cloudy and sad days in full confinement with a more positive attitude and full of life.
We have not had a chance to get bored. Ideas for a possible repertoire for the festival kept coming up, planning new adaptations and arrangements. Always trying to make music abound these days.
This year the festival is presented in a totally different way from that experienced in previous years, but it is still very innovative, so we are very happy to participate in this edition of the Piantón 2.0 Festival.

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