It was Christmas 2009 when our friends, the mexican violinist Carmen Monjarás and the switzerland dobblebassist Marc-Antoine Bonanomi, came to the west of Asturias, to check if this part of Spain was as beautifull as I had told them so many times being classmates in Switzerland. The winter green landscape, the stream and the sea as well as the hills, fascinated them so much, that they coudn’t understand how we haven’t still organized a music festival in such an incredible place. Iñigo Guibert and I having have this idea many times, we didn’t find how to start it. Those New Year’s Eve we drink a toast by the first Music Festival of Piantón, which would take place in august 2011.

The moment arrived, they travelled to Piantón with a group of switzerland musicians, besides its own family chamber emsemble. From Madrid we invited a pair of groups and all toghether spent a week playing and singing in the marvellous church of Piantón with its incledible acustic. José Luis Álvarez, headteacher of the Vegadeo’s school of music, encourage its students to take part in it and broadcasted the new project in the surroundings. Mr Miguel Flórez, the priest, was the most enthousiastic, as well as a group of neighbours, whos avialability is still essential in the organization of every edition.

We gave seven different concert along the week, two of them prepared in a common workshop in the mornings, where we rehearsed alltoghether with other people interested in participate. We mixed playing and singing with hiking, resting in the beach or walking by ship along the stream.

The result was an unexpected success and the people asked us to repeat the next year.

Due to his efficacy we kept the same scheme since then, offering to invited musicians and ideal situation to play and sing: a beautiful calm place, sourrounded by particular nature, good halls to rehearse, churchces with extraordinary accoustics to give the concerts, as well as an audience totally devoted.

From the fourth festival we introduced the “itinerant concerts”, giving the musicians the opportunity to show their abbilities to a more extended audience. And from the fifth, the competiton of Flourished Balcony, where the price is a serenade under the winner balcony, offered by all the festival musicians.

Today the Vegadeo council is it main supporter with the important help of Fundexeo foundation. Besides many local companies continue giving their support too.

Last year we have created the asociation Friends of Piantón International Music Festival , which provides the project of the necessary frame to emprove, and whose members do not stop increasing day after day.

The seventh edition will come up to Taramundi's and Santalla’s churches as well as the cozi Vírgula hall in Ribadeo (Galicia).

New musicians and composers will again filll Piantón of the most varied world music.