Hermes Luaces

Hermes Luaces is a spanish composer born in Madrid in 1975. He studied musical composition in the Royal Conservatoire of Music of Madrid (RCSMM) where he graduated with honours and Physics in the Autonome University of Madrid (UAM). His work has been played in many countries from Europe, Asia and America and awarded in several music competitions as the International Queen Sofia Prize 2011. He has worked in almost any genre: orchestral music, musical theatre, music for soloists -especially pianists-, chamber music, electronic music, choral music and songwriting. He has received commisions from a number of musical institutions as the National Radio Television Ochestra (ORTVE), The Choir and Orchestra of Madrid (ORCAM), The orchestra of the Asturias Princedom (OSPA), The Philarmonic Oschestra of Bacau from Rumania and from important ensembles as Courcircuit (Paris), Neopercusión (Madrid), Recherche (Friburg) and soloists as Alberto Rosado, Ignacio Torner and Mario Prisuelos (pianists), Juanjo Guilem and Eloy Lurueña (percusionists), Manuel Guillén (violinist), Esther Ciudad and Daniel Oyarzabal (organists) among others.
His musical style, considered as vitalist and poetical by the critics, aims to the sincere emotion. His musical language is direct and sophisticated, clear and misterious at the same time.

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