Dolores Serrano – Composer

Dolores Serrano-Cueto (Cádiz, Spain, 1967) Composer, pianist and teacher.

Teacher of Music-Movement and Teacher of Language and Musical Theatre since 1998 at the Town Hall School of Dance in San Fernando, Cádiz, Spain.

Premieres and programmes in the cycle “Music and Musicians” in Costa Rica, cycle “A dialogue between Spain and France” in Paris, France, “Music Festival of Getxo “, Vizcaya, Spain, “Spanish Music Festival” in Cádiz, Spain, “International Festival of the Spanish Song” in Granada, Spain, “Festival of Summer Classics”, in the Community of Madrid, cycle of “Chamber Music of the Symphonis Orchestra and Choir of the SpanishTelevision”, “Illes Balears Festival”, “21st Conference of International Composers”, Classical Radio of RNE, Radio Farolito in Costa Rica…

Some interpreters of her works-- Diego Fernández Magdaleno, Antonio Arias, Nam Maro Babakhanian, Cristina Montes, Cordoba Orchestra, String Quartet –Havana-, Cuarteto vocal Hispania…

Author of the original music for the feature film documentary “Against Time”, Utopia Films (nominated best documentary feature film awards Goya 2013, nominated for the awards of the circle of writers Cinemtograficos CEC). Author of the original music from the short “Wigs”, Crete productions.

Member of the Spanish Association of Women in Music. Member of the Artistic Board of the Andalucian Programme for Young Interpreters of the Andalucian Agency of Cultural Institutions (2010/2014). Active composer in Spanish music of Cádiz Festival of women composers workshop.


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