When we said goodbye on the last day of the VII edition, it was not a goodbye but a see you soon. Because we already knew that Piantón had cast his nets on us.
We did not want to miss the final two of the following two editions. And the fact is that food, singing and good company are inseparable.
In addition, Sabela was a collaborator these 2 years becoming part of the wicker of the festival.
For its part, Cántico Doméstico, on the occasion of the invitation to participate in this X edition, we set out to prepare a new repertoire, which we planned to rehearse in Lugo in April. And with those we were when the clock stopped and without tests we stayed. So we left it fallow.
And after proposing this anomalous formula, we got down to work. We lack complicity, elbow to elbow, .... But from this situation of overstraining, we are learning and trying to make the public feel close to us from our distance.

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