Festival ´18

  • Virginia del cura

    Virginia del cura

    Cellist born and raised in A Coruña. She started to play cello in the Official Conservatory of that city where...


  • Pedro Pérez

    Pedro Pérez

    Born in Lugo in 1997. He started his musical studies at the age of 8 in the “Conservatorio Profesional de...


  • Dúo Calíope

    Dúo Calíope

    CALIOPE DUO Beatriz Gallardo, Flute María Bernal, Guitar Caliope Duo started their musical carreer as a Chamber Music group in...


  • Dúo Mitjana

    Dúo Mitjana

    Duo Mitjana was born in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) through the colaboration of the two spanish clarinetists Dolores Navas Valverde and...


  • Cuarteto Argos

    Cuarteto Argos

    The Argos Flute Quartet was founded in 2016 and formed by musicians from Spain and Italy who, at the time,...


  • Iberian Quartet

    Iberian Quartet

    Antoine Flores, Pedro Melo, Luis Coelho and Patricia Aller are the members of Iberian Quartet. The group aims to making...


  • Dúo Bonanomi – Delgado

    Dúo Bonanomi – Delgado

    Marc-Antoine Bonanomi was trained as a double bassist in Switzerland and Germany. In 1991, he joined Sevilla Orchestra, which was...


  • Dolores Serrano – Composer

    Dolores Serrano – Composer

    Dolores Serrano-Cueto (Cádiz, Spain, 1967) Composer, pianist and teacher. Teacher of Music-Movement and Teacher of Language and Musical Theatre since...